CFAP720 | Master of Science in Geographical Information Science

The Master of Science in Geographical Information Science (MSc GIS) is a one (1) full year programme specifically designed to allow students to achieve a thorough understanding of geographical information concepts and theory as well as an exposure to research and application. This programme is designed for future managers and decision makers of various government sectors or private agencies for mapping, land management, environment, forestry, agriculture, geology, urban and regional planning, security, disaster, business, information technology etc. Graduates of this programme can be fit GIS project managers, application specialists and software developers. Master in GIS is accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor (RICS), UK.

Candidates need to complete a total of 40 credit hours of coursework. The total credit hours include programme core and specialization courses (24 credit hours), research project (10 credit hours) and elective courses (6 credit hours).

Admission and Entry Requirements

  1. Any Bachelor's degree in Science and Technology as well as the Social Science courses or its equivalent from any recognized institution of higher learning local or abroad with a CGPA of at least 2.50 or Second Class Lower.
  2. APEL candidate, pass APEL (Aptitude test and Portfolio Assessment). At least five (5) years working experience in relevant fields.
  3. Candidates without a qualification in the related fields and/or relevant working experience with minimum CGPA based on (i) and (ii) must undergo and pass the prerequisite courses offered by the faculty before enrolling in the program.


Semester 1
GES710 Frontiers Geographical Information Science
GES711 Managing Geographical Information Science
GES712 Geospatial Database and Management
GES713 Remote Imaging and Processing
GES714 Geospatial Research Methods
GES715 Geopositioning and Data Acquisition*
GES716 Programming for Spatial Science*

Semester 2
GES720 Geospatial Analysis and Modelling
GES721 Geospatial Statistics
GES722 Geospatial Research Project
GES723 Geovisualization
GES724 GIS for Environmental Management*
GES725 Innovation in Geospatial Technology*
ISP751 Advanced Decision Support System*

 *Elective Course (Choose 1 only)


Mode and Duration Study:

Full Time:                                           
Min: 1 Years (2 Sem)
Max: 1 1/2 Years (3 Sem)                              

Part Time:
Min: 2 Years (4 Sem)                                          
Max: 4 Years (8 Sem)

Programme Coordinator:

Sr Dr Mohd Shahmy Mohd Said
Tel : +603-5544 4418