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The Centre for Postgraduate Studies in FSPU was established in year 1997, during third evolution phase of ITM (1996-1999) together with amendment of Act 1976 that gave ITM “a university authority” including changes in fields that allows ITM to “be given authority for awards until PhD level”. The Act of ITM in the year 1976/1997/1999 was a basis in offering postgraduate program in UiTM and the Institute of Graduate Studies (IPSis) has been established for the purpose of overall administration and management of postgraduate program in UiTM. Following this, Centre Studies of Postgraduate for Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU) was introduced in the year 1997 during the third evolution phase of ITM (1996-1999) as well as the amendment of Act 1976 that gave ITM “a university authority” including changes in field that allowed ITM to “be given authority for awards until PhD”.

In the year 1997, Msc of Intergrated Construction Project Management (AP776) was the first Msc programme offered with a total enrollment of 13 part-time students. The Centre Studies of Postgraduate has made a history when the first PhD graduates in UiTM was from FSPU. This 2001 graduate was a lecturer of FSPU, Professor TPr Dr Hajah Dasimah Omar. Until now, almost 3000 Msc’s students and 140 PhD students were produced by FSPU.

In line with the educational empowerment postgraduate initiatives in UiTM, FSPU has taken steps to develop various dynamic and sustainable programs in order to fulfill the needs of all stakeholders. Up to 2020, FSPU has eight (8) Master programmes (coursework), one (1) Master programme (research) and one (1) Doctorate programme in research mode (PhD). In 2019, the student’s postgraduate society namely Association of Built Environment (ANBER) were officially established.

The internationalisation of higher education by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (KPM) to attract students from abroad to further their study in Malaysia has shown admission of international students to postgraduate programs in FSPU. FSPU became an option from many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Palestin, Oman, Indonesia, Maldives, Nigeria, Somalia, China and many more.

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies is very committed in ensuring programs offered are certified by major accreditation bodies and also accredited by accreditation organisations either from within or outside the country. The teaching process and operation of teaching, learning and research (Teaching, Learning and Research) also are ensured to be relevant with the curriculum requirements and to fulfill the industry’s needs through periodic assessments by external panels and industry. With guidance of the lecturers, the students managed to achieve many proud victories at the national and international levels. This success has led to the award of “The Highest Centre Studies Contribution of FSPU 2019” in the Faculty Excellence Awards Ceremony (MAKEF) in 2019.

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