CFAP776 | Master of Science in Integrated Construction Project Management

The Master of Science Integrated Construction Project Management has been designed for all associated disciplines in construction namely Architecture, Building & Building Surveying, Civil Engineering, Facilities Management, Landscape Architecture, Town and Regional Planning, Quantity Surveying, Interior Design, and many others who are in preparation for senior positions in project-based organizations, or to enable technical managers to improve their project management skills as well as gain a broad functional and strategic perspective on general management. This program is accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor (RICS), UK.

Candidates need to complete a total of 45 credit hours of coursework. The total credit hours include program core and specialization courses (33 credit hours), research project (9 credit hours) and cross programme course (3 credit hours).


Admission and Entry Requirements

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) from FSPU, UITM with minimum CGPA of 2.75; or
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) from UITM or any higher learning institution recognized by the Senate of UiTM with minimum of 1 year working experience in related field; or
  3. Other qualification equal to Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) with minimum of 1 year working experience in related field
  4. A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in any relevant field or other qualification equal to Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) recognized by the Senate of UiTM with minimum CGPA of 2.50 with at least seven (7) years working experience in in related field
  5. Pass APEL (Aptitude test and Portfolio Assessment); and at least five (5) years work experiences in relevant fields; and
  6. Candidates without a qualification in the related fields and/or relevant working experience with minimum based on I) to V) must undergo and pass the prerequisite courses offered by the faculty before enrolling in the program


Semester 1
CPA703 Construction Management
CPA713 Contract Management
CPA723 Facility Management and Sustainable Development
EMS715 Real Estate Big Data Analytics*
CPA733 Financial Management

Semester 2
CPA743 Project Planning
CPA753 Managing People
CPA744 International Construction
CPA735 Integrated Simulation Project
CPA763 Research Methodology

Semester 3
CPA773 Technology Advancement in Construction
CPA776 Dissertation
CPA783 Organisational And Strategic Management

*Elective Course (Choose 1 only)

Mode and Duration of Study:

Full Time:
Min: 1 1/2Years (3 Sem)
Max: 2 Years (4 Sem)                      

Part Time:
Min: 2 Years (4 Sem)
Max: 4 Years (8 Sem)


Programme Coordinator:

Ts Dr Mohd Reza Esa
Tel : +603-5544 4340