CFAP778 | Master of Science in Urban Space Design

The urban space design is a unique, interdisciplinary program combining aspects of town planning, landscape and architecture. It is an advanced study that focused on the issues and design of urban spaces linking to human behaviour and settlement.

Candidates need to complete a total of 40 credit hours of coursework. The total credit hours include program core and specialization courses (25 credit hours), research project (9 credit hours) and elective courses (6 credit hours).

Admission and Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree (Hons.) in Built Environment or relevant field from UiTM or any Institution of Higher Learning recognised by the Senate of UiTM with minimum CGPA of 2.75;  or

  2. Other qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor's degree (Hons.) recognised  by the Senate of UiTM with minimum CGPA of 2.50 and at least one (1) year of relevant field, or
  3. CGPA 2.0 with more than five (5) years of relevant working experience in the built environment field.

  4. Candidates without a qualification in the related and/or relevant working experience with minimum CGPA based on (i), (ii), and (iii) must undergo and pass the prerequisite courses offered by the faculty before enrolling in the program.


Semester 1
USD710 Theory of Urban Space I
USD711 Urban Space Design Peoject
USD712 Urban Principle and Practice
USD713 Principle and Planning of Islamic Cities*
USD715 Urban Infrastructure*
USD716 Urban Conservation and Management*

USD720 Theory of Urban Space II
USD721 Urbanscape Design
USD722 Development Control
USD723 Urban Neighbourhood*
USD724 Urban Transport Design*
USD726 Properties Development*

Semester 3
USD730 Design Dissertation
USD731 Urban Governance

*Elective Course (Choose 1 only)


Mode and Duration of Study:

Full Time:
Min: 1 1/2Years (3 Sem)
Max: 2 Years (4 Sem)                       

Part Time:
Min: 2 Years (4 Sem)
Max: 4 Years (8 Sem)

Programme Coordinator:

YM Dr Raja Norashekin Raja Othman
Tel : +603-3258 6150