The Centre of Studies for Architecture is currently running two degree programmes in architecture. The Bachelor of Science (Architecture) programme [LAM/RIBA Part 1] prepares students in obtaining first degree qualification; while the Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) Programme [LAM/RIBA Part 2] is a professional programme that qualifies graduates to hold a position as an architect. Beginning September 2011, Master of Architecture (MArch) is offering full time course. Both programmes are structured in view of producing graduates with creative design skills, leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. The courses emphasise the importance of students' responsiveness towards the environments, in addition to the scientific-and-technological approach of the curricula. The holistic training approach ensures well-rounded and responsible graduates who would uphold ethics in their career alongside taking due care of the needs of the present and future generations.

Objectives of the programme:

  • To provide students with education and training for a career in architecture
  • To educate students with curricula that integrate the academic and practical skills
  • To emphasise on students the need to be critical, sensitive and responsive in support to the global sustainable agenda in their projects
  • To promote teamwork through group projects and other appropriate forms of teaching and learning
  • To encourage academic excellence through research and consultations in the field of architecture
  • To provide quality environment for teaching and learning, and recognitions from local and international bodies

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Dr Hailane Salam
Head of School of Studies
Tel: +603-3258 6105

Dr Nurulhusna Qamaruz Zaman
Course Coordinator
Bachelor of Science (Architecture)
Tel: +603-3258 6109
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AP243 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture

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